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“I’ve never heard of anyone volunteering to do a book report,” my husband jokingly remarked when I shared with him my glee in achieving this new goal.

I never imagined that life as an author would evolve into so many wonderful opportunities. It is an honor for me to get to know so many talented writers who are full of experience and wisdom.

This page is strictly for book reviews that I have been assigned or requested to participate in. They will be listed with the most recent at the top. Links to the full review and purchasing will be provided. I hope you enjoy and take part in celebrating the amazing authors I have had the honor to associate with.

New Review: The Little Way, a Journey to the Summit of Love

Author: Judith Bouilloc Illustrator: Sara Ugolotti

I had the pleasure of reviewing The Little Way, Judith Bouilloc’s incredible tale bringing to life the love of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus. As a member of the community, we are given the opportunity to review and critique works from fellow contributors. This is not only my first book review for that site but the first review I’ve ever done.

It was not only a privilege to review this work, but it was a wonderful way to uplift my spirit as I make my ascent each day into the hands of God. The illustrations are beautiful and draw you into each scene. Though recommended for ages 7 and up, I believe this is a true gem for any age.

“Every day is an adventure when you are seeking opportunities to love.”

The Little Way: A Journey to the Summit of Love

One of many expressions where author Judith Bouilloc and illustrator Sara Ugolotti reflectively take you on a journey into the hands of God. Based on the teachings of Saint Thérèse of The Child Jesus, The Little Way: A Journey to the Summit of Love celebrates the story of Henry’s ascent to the mountain of God.

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The book is available for purchase at Ignatius Press

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